Elementary Property Inspections provides quality Niagara Home Inspections - our expertise, excellent communication, and professional home inspection report with detailed colour pictures will give you the clarity you need to move ahead in your house purchase.

8 Major System House Inspection inspected under CAHPI Standards of Practice

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Comprehensive Home Inspection Report with colour pictures, system life cycles, home improvement costs and maintenance schedule

House ownership has long been a goal for many Canadians. There are many choices to be made such as buying a new or used home, potential renovation expenses, and understanding the past history of home maintenance.

At Elementary Property Inspections, we focus on helping you understand safety, structural and mechanical system issues with your house. We will help you understand what maintenance will be needed on the home in the near future. Understanding these things early on could save thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses in the future.

We encourage you to join us on as much of the inspection as possible and to ask lots of questions. We even have paper available for you to write on.


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