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The growth of the condo market is leading many purchases wondering if an inspection is even necessary.

Condominiums are becoming more and more popular in the Greater Toronto Area. From Oshawa through to the Niagara Penninsula, condo construction continues at a high pace, both high rises and town homes. Condos are a great way for a young family to start and afford a new home or an opportunity to downsize for those who no longer need or want the space of detached unit. But even if the condo is a brand new construction, there can still be issues creeping behind the walls that should be inspected and addressed. A condo inspection is the way to have reassurance of your purchase.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Even if a condo has been newly constructed, it can lend itself to a number of electrical problems. Often times during construction, if the electrician was not taking care, or keeping their work up to code, there can be a number of electrical hazards throughout the structure of the unit. This can include unconnected live wires, overloaded circuits and broken, cracked or damaged wires. These can occur either through negligence of the electrician or during the construction phase of the unit. If the condo is older, these problems may arise over years of use or during renovations that may have not been installed correctly. It is incredibly important to identify these problem sources; otherwise you may find yourself at a greater risk of an electrical fire when you least expect it.

Poor Plumbing

Poor pluming is another issue many condo owners and renters can encounter. Poor plumbing is not only an issue in itself, but can be the cause of much greater and more expensive repairs down the road. If the plumbing was not installed correctly, or damage has occurred, you can find yourself with weak water pressure, or poor drainage, which could be a nuisance in your everyday activities from showering to cleaning. The real issues begin show up when pipes begin to leak behind the wall. If these leaks are not dealt with promptly, it can lead to water damage in your ceiling, walls, floors and insulation. Even worse, you may find yourself with mold in these areas from persistent contact with leaky pipes that can have adverse affects on your family’s health. If a condo inspection is not performed and a plumbing issue is missed, you could end up with a financial and time-consuming headache while dealing with a problem that not only could affect you, but your neighbours as well.

Exterior Issues

Another important area to have inspected is the exterior of the condominium building and its surroundings. Inspectors will review the proximity of trees to the building, which if are too close could cause damage in the event of a severe weather event. Other exterior problems can include:

  • Stucco or exterior siding not properly sealed.
  • Foundation or structural cracks in brickwork.
  • Sliding doors that don’t shut entirely.
  • Windows with faulty seals

Each one of these problems can lead to damage to the exterior of the condo that will eventually affect the interior as well.

Our inspectors have years of experience and know exactly what to look for when performing our inspections. Along with this, we perform thermal imaging, which helps us identify those hidden issues behind the wall. If you are looking to buy a condo and have questions before you sign off on it, call us 289-686-9482 or and we can put your mind at ease.