Cigarette smoke contains numerous chemicals which are hazardous to our health. These chemicals cling to surfaces and cause foul odors and can even create an unhealthy environment by leaving toxins in the air.

Our Ozone generators can quickly and safely remove the smells associated with tobacco smoke by attacking the phenol gasses produced by cigarettes. Cars can be rendered odor free in as little as 30 minutes and even large homes and commercial buildings can be treated relatively quickly.

FACT - Painting over walls laden with cigarette smoke will not get rid of the smell permanently. The chemicals contained in cigarette smoke can actually seep through the paint, causing the odor to return.

FACT - The particles that are released from cigarette smoke are about .001% the width of a hair. They can easily seep - through flooring, walls and other surfaces.


Sports equipment can develop a very distinct odor over time. Sweat can saturate the equipment, providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause staph infections and other serious illnesses. It can also damage the equipment over time.

Using Ozone to keep your teams equipment clean can prolong the life of the equipment and keep players healthy. As well, there will no longer be a need to leave your gear in the garage to avoid bringing the foul smell indoors. Ozone can clean your equipment and leave it smelling fresh and new.

FACT - Sweat can produce bacteria that can cause many harmful or potentially fatal diseases.

FACT - Odor from sports equipment can contaminate the area it’s stored in, causing the bacteria and odor to spread.

FACT - Ozone actually eliminates the odor rather than just masking it like some commercial cleaning solutions do.

FACT - Unlike some cleaning solutions, Ozone will not leave any chemical residue on your equipment.

FACT - Regular cleaning with Ozone can actually save you money by increasing the life expectancy of your equipment.


Animal odors are some of the most difficult odors to treat. Over a billion dollars is spent annually creating new products to mask the odors our furry friends leave behind.

Ozone works to ensure pet odor is completely eliminated. There’s no lingering odor left after the ozone clears and no chance of the odor returning. Ozone removes pet odor by oxidation which completely removes the odor instead of just masking it.

FACT – Ozone not only works 3,125 times more efficiently than chlorine and it also leaves no toxic residue.

FACT – Removing Urine and Feces odors can improve success with housebreaking young pets.

FACT – Most traditional cleaning solutions that mask pet odors often don’t remove the other chemicals found in urine and feces.


The last thing you or your guests want to smell in your home is your last meal. Food odors can permeate the air of your home and leave unpleasant odors for long periods of times.

Even the cleanest of homes can have lingering food odors and some odors are particularly hard to combat, lingering for weeks or even months. Washing walls or re- painting will not always eliminate the smell of years of heavy cooking odors. Ozone penetrates carpets, wall paper and other soft surfaces.

FACT – If left untreated, the residue left behind from cooking is an optimal breeding ground for various kinds of bacteria and odors.

FACT – Having your home treated with Ozone before putting it on the market can make it more attractive to potential buyers.

FACT – Cooking odors can quickly spread throughout the entire house through the air duct system.

FACT – Painting will not eliminate cooking odors as the chemicals that cause odors can seep through the paint.


A fire or flood can cause major grief for a homeowner, even after the damage is repaired.

Smoke odors can penetrate deep into the walls and other surfaces. Moisture from a flood can not only saturate carpeted areas, but also the padding underneath as well as the sub-flooring. This can make odors particularly difficult or outright impossible to treat without removing the carpeting.

FACT – Flood damage can cause optimal situations for rapid mold growth.

FACT – Soot from fires will cling to all surfaces and its resultant odor is difficult to wash off with traditional methods.

FACT – Ozone can penetrate carpets, neutralizing odor causing bacteria and mold that may lurk underneath.

FACT – Removing any sources of moisture is important in ensuring mold is eradicated completely.

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