How Is Ozone Beneficial in Removing Odors?

Ozone is very effective because it will circulate throughout an area and eliminate odors at their source. It actually oxidizes pollutants as it encounters them, whether they are in the air or on surfaces. These include odors from tobacco smoke, food and beverages, body sweat, mold and mildew, animals and pets, garbage, remodeling and many more odor producing substances. It will also follow the same path that the odor took into soft fabrics and oxidize them on contact. Unlike deodorizers, it does not leave a smell or chemical residue in the facility, which some people find objectionable. The treated area becomes free of odors.

How Much Ozone Is Needed to Eliminate Odors in a Particular Area?

Each space that has developed an odor is somewhat unique, so square footage is not always the best way to determine how long the treatment should be. For example, if a hotel room was smoked in for one evening, a 20 or 30 minute treatment should eliminate the odors. However, if the room had been smoked in heavily for a week, it could take several hours of treatment. And to convert a smoking room into a non-smoking room could take as long as 24 hours to eliminate the odors.

Mold and Mildew Elimination

Ozone will destroy bacteria and fungus as well as eliminating pet smells and cooking odors. Smoke odor molecules that infiltrate porous surfaces can be permanently removed and ozone will work on the most stubborn odor molecules, such as protein. Odors associated with decay - like freezer failure - do not respond well to normal chemical deodorizing attempts, but ozone can neutralize even these contaminants. After treatment, ozone quickly turns back into oxygen so that no harmful by-products remain.

An Ozone Shock Treatment procedure eliminates odors and contamination from the air and surfaces within a confined area where the treatment is deployed. Then with regular and on-going applications, it can provide continuous control over recurring contamination.

While performing an ozone shock treatment, make sure that all people, pets, plants and other animals are not in the area to be treated for a period of 24 hours minimum.


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