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More than just turning a tap on, the safe and proper operation of a plumbing system is important to every home, and key in a proper home inspection.

One of the items that our home inspectors review during a home inspection is the plumbing. Pipes run throughout your home delivering water where you need it. While home plumbing is a fantastic innovation, it also has a down side; wood and water do not mix well. A leaking pipe in your home can create mold and damage your homes structure. Having a home’s plumbing inspected can help you identify issues and address them before its too late.

Interior Plumbing Inspection

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As part of our home inspections we go throughout the home to inspect all the faucets, showers, and toilets. We review the visible pipes under sinks and faucets to ensure there are no leaks. With our years of experience, we know where to look for problems, and what types of signs indicate that there are issues occurring or soon to be occurring. We can identify the types of pipes used, the connections and whether they have been installed correctly and safely. Sometimes toilets do not properly flush, or sinks do not properly drain because of substandard plumbing that can lead to pipe backups and bad odors. Improper installation can lead to dangerous methane gases entering your home.

Thermal Imaging For Plumbing

We also use our thermal imaging camera to identify areas in the home that have moisture. We can identify areas that have active leaks occurring. Normally these issues are hidden from the naked eye because they are so small or hidden behind walls. We can quickly identify if there are leaks occurring in plumbing behind a wall. This will help give you a better understanding of what work needs to be performed to address the issues and also damage that has occurred to the home as a result of the poor plumbing. Not addressing moisture from plumbing leaks could lead to mold growth and poor indoor air quality within the home.

Exterior Plumbing Inspection

We also inspect the piping coming into the home from the city’s plumbing. This includes the water meter, shut-off valve and sewage waste system. We can identify if there are issues with incoming and outgoing water. Leaks that occur outside of the home can cause damage to the foundation and also cost you hundreds of dollars every year in wasted water.

If you are worried about your home’s plumbing, or you are purchasing a new home, contact Elementary Property Inspections at 289-686-9482 or www.elementaryinspections.com for a home inspection. Catching a problem early can mean the difference of spending between two and three zeros to repair.