Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Home Inspection!

Posted by: Eric Van Riesen |

Busted Don’t Believe These Myths About Home Inspection - Blog by Elementary Property Inspections

Visible cracks in house walls may indicate foundation damage or structural problems and it’s very difficult for a layman to understand whether he should be concerned or not. At times like this, a home inspection is necessary to avoid any future damage and can end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

However, there are some myths about home inspection that are mistaken for reality. Falling prey to these myths, people either don’t have a home inspection carried out or end up getting their home inspected by someone who isn’t well trained for the job. This eventually leaves them unhappy with their purchase and with some very expensive repair bills.

To help you make informed decisions about a property or home you may be purchasing, a home inspection is a must. To help keep you safe from the several misconceptions that are plaguing the field, we’ve debunked three myths about home inspection.

Myth 1: I must use the inspector my realtor recommends.

Not true! Spending money on a home inspection is well worth the price. It gives peace of mind and the potential repair issues are also avoided. You can choose your own inspector to help you to solve your repair issues. Finding the right home inspector takes a bit of research and doing your due diligence to locate the best home inspector is critical.

While your realtor should be able to recommend several well-qualified home inspectors, recommendations from friends and family are a good lead as well. Make certain to use an inspector that is certified, carries errors and omissions insurance, is a member of a qualified association and can provide references.

Myth 2: Home inspectors favour the realtor or the seller

Generally, home inspectors cannot think about favouring the realtor or the seller. Like any professional, home inspectors have a reputation to uphold, and once a home inspector loses their reputation, nobody will hire them. It is fine not to use an inspector recommended by your realtor, and find your own. However, realtors recommend the home inspector due to the fact that they have built their reputation on trust, honesty, and accurate reports, so they refer based on their positive past experiences.

Myth 3: A new house does not need a home inspection

Issues arising out of a new home may surprise some. Whether the house is a new construction or an existing resale, they both should be inspected. With a new construction, you may think what could possibly go wrong with the home? Unless you have custom built the home yourself, you will not know if everything was constructed or installed correctly.

There are several contractors and builders who tend to take shortcuts and compromise building laws and regulations. They do this to cut costs and getting them back to repair issues later can often be a nightmare. It is in these cases that you will need the services of a home inspector who can immediately uncover major issues in newly built homes, prior to you taking possession.

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