How Werner van Riesen Helped Elementary Property Inspections Reach New Heights

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How Werner Van Riesen Helped Elementary Property Inspections Reach New Heights

As experts home inspections, air quality, asbestos testing, and black mold testing in Niagara, Ontario, at Elementary Property Inspections, we derive immense pride from delivering unmatched home inspection services. Much of what we do revolves around pushing our boundaries to ensure that our clients are given in-depth analysis of their homes and an inspection report par excellence.

While customer satisfaction and inspections are our passion, as owner and operator of Elementary Property Inspections, I believe that our abilities would be lacking without the impact that my father, Werner van Riesen had on me and in turn, my firm.

My father was a foreman for a large construction firm in Toronto and taught me a great deal of my knowledge. It was his teachings and experience that eventually led to me becoming a respected home inspector.

I recall that my education began young. I received a toolset before I even had a bicycle and was continually learning the how and why of construction and renovation. My father kept sharing pearls of wisdom with me and I picked up the little tricks of the trade.

As I was on job sites at a very young age, I assisted my dad in getting tools, handing screws or nails, and cleaning up. Eventually, I performed an ever-growing number of construction and installation tasks.

I appreciate that my father gave me the opportunity to be hands-on, to learn from mistakes, take risks, and to continue to improve and master the tasks I was given. I learned that construction is not only measurements, but consists of intuition, experience, and sometimes art.

Without the background knowledge of building, and an understanding of all elements and systems of a home, including framing, plumbing, electrical and roofing, I would never have felt confident to enter an industry that requires knowledge and experience to share with homeowners.

I am convinced that without that knowledge my father shared with me, I would be cheating my customers and doing a disservice by creating an illusion of being good at what I do.

It is this knowledge that I use at Elementary Property Inspections. When working with us, we ensure that we provide you with the needed understanding of your property and an overview of how the systems in the home work, and how they should be maintained throughout the change of seasons and over the years.

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