"Walk-Through" Evaluation

Certified Home Inspector in Niagara, ON

Walk through Evaluations by Certified Home Inspector in Niagara, ON - Elementary Property Inspections

These evaluations are NOT an inspection, but take less time and the savings can be passed on to you. All major components will be visually examined as in our regular inspections, but no formal report or photographs will be generated. This is a verbal examination and only a checklist is provided. The client is strongly encouraged to bring a camera and take notes.

This type of inspection is ideal for the following situations:

  • You’re confident the home is in sound condition but just want a second opinion.
  • You may be interested in several homes and don’t want to invest in a full inspection at this time.
  • You’re selling your home and want a professional to critique your home so you can present your house in the best possible light while saving money.

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