Vehicle Odours Removal in Niagara

We get rid of odours from the interior of your car in Niagara, St. Catharines, Welland, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Fonthill, Grimsby, Stoney Creek.

Odours like smoke and stagnant water can really be an issue, especially when you consider the smaller space of a vehicle.

Even the air conditioning system can leave residual odours. Ozone works by not only getting odours out from the interior of the car but also the ventilation system as well.

Ozone works to quickly destroy odour causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) . In as little as 30 minutes, Ozone can disinfect your car and leave it smelling fresh and new.

FACT – Odour causing bacteria can hide in many small spaces in your vehicle, including the ventilation system. Ozone can get into any surface area and get rid of any odours.

FACT – De-odourizing your vehicle before putting it up for sale can actually increase the vehicles appeal which translates into a higher selling price.

FACT – Condensation can gather inside the air conditioning system of a vehicle which can promote mould growth.


An RV can become a hotbed of bacteria and odours when it’s left in storage. Left-over food, clothing, unclean septic tanks and even the fridge can create odours that can make your families camping experience unpleasant.

Having your RV treated with Ozone can eliminate these odours. Your family will enjoy their camping experience more in your clean, odour free RV.

Odours trapped in RVS can come from many sources:

Drains – Left over water in the drainage

FACT – The small confines of an RV amplify trapped odours because there’s less airflow in a smaller space.

FACT – The holding tanks of an RV are one of the most common sources of persistent odours.

FACT – Finding and eliminating the source of odours can often be a difficult undertaking for RV owners, sometimes requiring partial disassembly of the RV itself.